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Whenever you are playing it freezes then you have to delete it and download it again, but I dont know

Fix it!

Love it but so very glitchy! Fix it!


Its just not that great

There are other similar snake games like this

I LOVE this game! You should get it NOW! It is worth it!

About improvement

You should update to play via Bluetooth or via wifi with friends


My game froze at 20k points (my highest yet)


When you play online your snake is supposed to run smoothly. But it just inches around.

New update created more lag

Prior to the most recent update, I could play without lag 90% of the time: since the update, Ive only been able to play once in the last week, because every other time, the lag was just too brutal.

Love it.

I love But when it comes to lag its so bad Im forced to play on A.I. but A.I. Snakes are not challenging so it makes it very boring. Id like it if you improved the A.I. Snakes.

Hate this game so glitchy

To many adds fix that the game was more fun before this stupid update!!!!!!!!!

Needs Dantdm and thinknoodles

Plllzzzzzzzz add them in and Ill play more

Your better off just playing it on the computer

This game is pretty fun but there are so many adds that you should just play the computer version

This app is really fun except when ever Im playing it like freezes up and I cant control where my snake is going. Also cant turn without it glitching. Way to laggy.


This game is the most laggy Ive ever seen a game and everyone else can control so well and so many geeks that play this game way too much

good game

really fun to play... but it glitches way too much !


Hi my name is Gabe. People that are complaining that they are lagging when they play online well more than likely your ping is probably over 100ms which will cause you to lag a lot. My ping is 34ms and I dont lag at all. Also I love this game!

Mesmerizing game...but glitches

This is a fun game...meditating while killing snakes. The problem with this is that it glitched on my iPhone 5s, our iPad and now glitches on my iPhone 7. Its been really bad on all devices over the past month after its last update. Not worth playing until thats fixed.


It an awesome game but the ads!!!

Made it worse!

Lag is relentless now and nothing else but skins have changed! Worst update yet! Not playing it no more until its truly fixed!

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